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Compensation claims following the death of a loved one

In certain circumstances, family members and dependents may have valuable claims for compensation following the death of a loved one.  These payments will not automatically be paid by the insurance companies and the lawyers handling the estate and grant of probate usually do not practice in this specialised area of law.

North Star Law can provide obligation-free advice about any compensation available to you.  Strict time limits apply to these claims.  We take the paperwork off your hands at this difficult time.  We can also come and see you at your home, obligation-free.

Compensation may be payable in the following circumstances:

Death as a result of a motor vehicle accident

The compensation may cover:

  • Payment of funeral, cremation or burial expenses.
  • A claim for financial compensation called a Compensation to Relatives Claim.  This covers the loss of financial support the deceased would have provided if they had not died, loss of caring services (such as those provided by a parent to a child), medical expenses and loss of earnings the person suffered before their death.
  • A nervous shock claim if a close relative of the deceased suffers from a psychiatric injury following the death.

Work-related death

  • The workers’ compensation insurer may be liable to pay compensation following a work-related death.  This can include a lump sum payment (currently $781,900), funeral expenses and weekly payments for each dependent child.
  • Nervous shock claims resulting from the work-related death.

Death due to medical negligence or other negligence (e.g. faulty product or equipment)

  • Dependents may have a claim for loss of financial support in a Compensation to Relatives Claim;
  • Close family members may be entitled to compensation in the event they develop a psychiatric condition because of the death (nervous shock claim).

Superannuation benefits

  • When a member of a superannuation fund dies, the fund must pay the deceased’s death benefits to the appropriate person.  

Please get in touch with North Star Law for all your compensation needs.

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